måndag 29 augusti 2011

Continuing my Eὐχαριστέω - Multitudes on mondays

We moved my son’s things to his new location this weekend - tiring kilometers on highways across the country, but good moments with good friends and family - reassurance in seeing where he lives and how he seems content, curious, and happy to move on in life.
Full of all this we arrived home after midnight last night and just fell in to bed.
This Sunday has been for lazy, no-brains, good old fashioned REST!

On the internet I found, and like, this:


And this old favourit:

Continuing my Eχαριστέω

41 … Stew, food that is autumn
42 … Good company making lunchtime all the better
43 … Dreary chores DONE
44 …People to love
45 … Ability to love
46 … Being able to make a phone call
47 …Life partner putting time and effort in to caring for my son
48 … quiet moments … side by side
49 … Being alone at home … when you know it is just for a while
50 … People that understand me AND argue with me
51 … The man in my life quietly caring
52 … autumn winds
53 … Tree full of ruby red apples
54 … Getting in to bed early evening, with Journal, Bible and IKEA catalogue.
55 … Seminars that make me think
56 … coherence
57 … adult children knowing they can call home if needed (and other times too)
58 … Sunny, dry roads all the way
59 … seeing son
60 … Being a couple
61 … Hugging Dad
62 … Being on nr 62
63 … concluding my day in my “One line a day”-journal
64 … Spending sons birthday together
65 … “Frapé” with a friend
66 … Friendly bantering
67 … Insider jokes
68 …Dozing in the car
69 … My cozy bed 

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