fredag 22 juni 2012

Five Minute Friday: Risk

Reaching outside my comfort zone entails some risk … and this could easily make me stay, never venture out into the world. But it is out there that you are. All. Of. You. With life stories that I love to hear and learn from. 

When we listen to the life story of another we are treading on holy ground and we have no other option than to treat this story with love. And when we do, it can change our lives. That is the risk. 

"To love is to be responsible like this in everything: the work we do, the things we buy, the food we eat, the people we look up to, the movies we see, the words we use, every choice we make from morning till night. That is the real measure of love; it is a wonderfully demanding responsibility." - Eknath Easwaran

Loving is a risk … It changes us. It opens us up to pain. 

But what would life be without it. Risk. Love. 

It wouldn’t be life. Would it?

Belinda Firemans art

Write for 5 minutes flat 
– no editing, no over thinking, 
no backtracking

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  1. I love the quote. So true. Great depth. Love is risk...and what is life without either? Tank you for the beautiful thoughts to ponder.


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