måndag 19 september 2011

Continuing my Eὐχαριστέω - Multitudes on mondays

I would like to paint a meager fragment
of the shabbiest every day, so worn and grey,

but radiant with that fire that made

the whole world leap from the Creator's hand.
I would like to show how what we disdain
is holy and deep and the Spirit's attire.
I would like to paint a wooden spoon in such a way
that people had an inkling of God!


Jag ville måla ett ringa grand
av slitnaste vardag, så nött och grått,
men genomlyst av den eld, som förmått
all världen att springa ur Skaparens hand.
Jag ville visa, hur det vi försmå
är heligt och djupt och Andens skrud.
Jag ville måla en träsked så,
att mänskorna anade Gud!

Continuing my Eὐχαριστέω - Multitudes on mondays

106 … Already clean floors for the little ones when I come work
107 … Feeling of job well done
108 … Raindrops in a tired face
109 … Quiet moment concentrating on NOW
110 … Laughing at forgetfulness
111 … Discovering the word abibliophobia … (fearing to run out of books to read)
112 … experiencing the feeling of attending a speech … by myself … enjoying it!
113 … Feeling melancholy happy that I have windows and doors to close when the weather changes to cold autumn
114 … Cramp in my shoulder … resulting in  a massage
115 … Remembering learned prayers – when woken by nightmares
116 … Homegrown apples with the most red color red I know

117 … Reminiscing – finding  photos of times past
118 … Wonderful, heartbreaking, strong written words to illustrate historic woman’s fate
119 … Driving, apple-eating, open window - solitary moments between places – catching my breath
120 … Unexpected joy in being found by friend from the past - trying to count years … never mind!
121 … For many different reasons and stories being grateful for the fantastic possibilities of internet!
122 … Cooking. Together!
123 … Wordless understanding
124 … Spontaneous conversations with strangers
125 … Bedroom slowly being renovated. .. smelling of NEW
126 … quick moments of joy
127 … Sharing dry humor … my kind

Go to Ann's place and read beautiful, beautiful words!

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