måndag 23 januari 2012

Continuing my Eὐχαριστέω - Multitudes on monday

The rose above sits on my desk and reminds me of why we should treat the earth, and all that travel with her, with reverence. In this rose you can see the fingerprints of the maker just like you can see The Makers fingerprints in everything in nature if you just look closely enough, and not only with your eyes.

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. "

Anne Frank

Continuing my Eὐχαριστέω - Multitudes on Mondays

332 … The hard rime making the world a beautiful place
333 … Listening
334 … Receiving the Holy Family from Willow Tree – beautiful
335 … The ready meals in the freezer – loving all the work we did when time wasn’t short
336 … The sun through an autumn leaf
337 … Reading in bed – again and always
338 … Freshly brushed teeth (my own)
339 … My orange-smelling soap that smells nothing like orange?
340 … My cute sneezing text message tone – smiles all around
341 … pen against paper
342 … Five Minute Fridays at Gipsy Mamas
343 … Challenges
344 … The feeling of a new fluffy quilt – like sleeping under a cloud

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