fredag 6 april 2012

Five Minute Friday - Light

When hope is taken from us we lose, for a while, the strength to see that there is a promise - a promise of a new time - a promise proven to us again and again by hope coming back.

In the face of the horror they lived in, that day so long ago (maybe even yesterday), they forgot the promise he made of coming back – to beat death and to come back.

Our old scars hurt together with new wounds when we are hurt. It is hard not to let new persecutors carry the blame also for what past ones did.

When we close our eyes we cannot see the light!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Thank you for sharing these words today - beautiful and greatly needed!

    May we, eyes wide open, never forget the promise He made - that He's coming back, that the grave has no sting and that death is not victorious - when we are found in Him!

  2. Oh, there is so much heart and feeling and angst in your words! I am feeling right along with you...

  3. Yes, we have such a great hope even in the midst of so much hopelessness surrounding us. Thanks for sharing your 5 minutes.


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