fredag 7 oktober 2011

5 Minute Friday - Ordinary


This morning I had an ordinary frog in. my. toilet.
I was exceptionally happy it didn’t try to jump out whilst I was sitting there.

Yesterday I had an ordinary day. Work. Colleagues. Rain. Sunshine. Lovely kids. Fine teenagers. Exceptional grownups. But my car had an unusual shake to it. The shaking got worse during the day and my fine car started sounding like a fishingboat. A very nice sound, but not coming from a my car. Evening time I didn’t dare to drive home. Had no idea what it was. My Good Man came to have a look. It was easily solved but gave me a good scare; I had a loose wheel.
I thought about the steep roads I passed late that afternoon, with drops of many tens of meters on the side…

God is good! Keeping me and my colleague safe.

And the frog? We helped him out to the lawn. I think he is grateful too.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Oh my, a frog in the toilet-- that would have made me jump.

    Praise God for the safe resolution of your car problem!

  2. Ah! I have had the loose wheel, too - so scary! Hope today's ordinary is not representative of your usual ordinary! :D

  3. LOL....I was wondering about the frog the whole post. I was like, "How did she get him out? Did she find/here him AFTER she was already going to the bathroom?" Oh my! funny and intense all at the same time!


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