måndag 14 november 2011

Continuing my Eὐχαριστέω - Multitudes on monday

The wings of angels are often found on the backs of the least likely people. 
 ~Eric Honeycutt

Continuing my Eὐχαριστέω - Multitudes on Monday

226 … Head massage until I fall asleep
227 … Knitting for Christmas
228 … Reading everywhere (that’s what It feels like) about how we need to slow down so we can live our lives fully – getting the message

229 … Going to bed early –ish, talking in bed
230 … Realizing I have come a long way when I can take half a day off in the beginning of a busy week knowing I have time to take care of things as from tomorrow. Go, me!
231 … Changing tactics – no more looking at blog-statistics
232 … The challenge of doing some new things alone at work
233 … Inspiring youth – teaching me loads
234 … Starting work late morning!
235 … Getting to help out with a few things and thereby feel part of sons everyday life
236 … Reading in bed  - light book in hand just in case … zZzZzZz

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