tisdag 13 maj 2014

Psalm 23 - Antithesis

The clock is my dictator, I shall not rest.
It makes me lie down only when exhausted.
It leads me into deep depression.
It hounds my soul.

It leads me in circles of frenzy, for activities sake.
Even though I run frantically from task to task,    
I will never get it all done,
For my ideal is with me.
Deadlines and my need for approval, they drive me.

They demand performance from me, beyond the limits of my schedule.
They anoint my head with migraines,
My in-box overflows.

Surely fatigue and time pressures shall follow me
All the days of my life.
And I will dwell in the bonds of frustration

by Marcia K. Hornok

I know, without a doubt, wish version I want to live my life by ...
Why is it so difficult?

1 kommentar:

  1. Oh my goodness... and I hang my head that both versions play through my mind. Thank you for the perspective, Eva.


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