fredag 5 augusti 2011


Now a ”Lutheran chick” in the Swedish church I did spend almost 20 years in an orthodox country. The orthodox religion I never really looked at then and the church I took steps to not get involved in for many reasons, none of them faith related. But, with all its glorious traditions the church was present in my life anyway, although I didn’t pay attention.

Then that era came to an end. It culminated in a year of nerve-racking psychological warfare in a divorce that changed four people’s lives to something totally different.

I moved back to “my” country and “my church” and even started working in the congregation where I now live. And I drew a line between there and here, in many ways…

Part of painting at the Academy

And then, a few years ago, I had the opportunity to go to Crete as part of an education. And there, in the Orthodox Academy of Crete, in a little chapel on the ground floor, with iconostasis and candles, bottles of oil and incense … I came to see that they didn’t represent different parts of my life these two churches of “mine” … I cannot keep what they are to me, what the essence of them tell me, apart.
So there, in the chapel, alone after a devotional I couldn’t help but cry. I felt at home and I realized that there is ONE God, one me and one wish to look deeper and to get closer.

In that chapel I became, not in every sense, but in an important part of me, whole. 

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  1. This was beautiful. Wholeness found in the ONE! and in a beautiful chapel

  2. Beautiful! So glad you got to go to Crete. So glad your story doesn't stop with the pain, although of course the pain is real. But God is more real, eh? I'm an American daughter with Greek church roots who joined the Lutheran church in 2000 with my American-born Chinese husband, so I can imagine...and affirm God's mighty grace! Blessings, sister!


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