torsdag 9 februari 2012

Do You Believe In Life After Birth?

On Facebook the above photo is circulating.
Here is the old story/joke/philosophy/teaser (u name it):

In the belly of a pregnant woman, two babies are having a conversation. One of them is a believer and the other is an atheist.
The Atheist: Do you believe in life after birth?
The Believer: Of course I do. Everybody knows there is life after birth. We are here in order to grow strong enough and prepared for what awaits us after it.
The Atheist: Nonsense! There can’t be life after birth! Can you imagine how this life would be?
The Believer: I don’t know all the details, but I believe there’s more light, and maybe we will walk and feed ourselves there.
The Atheist: Rubbish! It’s impossible to walk and feed ourselves! Ridiculous! We have the umbilical cord that feeds us. I just want to point this out to you: Life after birth can’t exist because our life, the cord, is already too short.
The Believer: I am sure it’s possible. It will be just a little different. I can envision it.
The Atheist: But there is nobody who has ever returned from it! Life simply ends with birth. And frankly, life is just one big suffering in the dark.
The Believer: No, no! I don’t know how life after birth will be exactly, but in any case, we will meet our mother and she will take care of us!
The Atheist: Mother? You think we have a mother? So, where is she then?
The Believer: She is everywhere around us, and we are in her! We move because of her and thanks to her, we move and live! Without her, we wouldn’t exist.
The Atheist: Baloney! I haven’t seen any such mother; hence, there is none.
The Believer: I can’t agree with you. In fact, sometimes, when everything calms down, we can hear her sing and feel how she caresses our world. I strongly believe that our real life will begin only after birth.

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